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All our expertise at your disposal

Advanced Neuroimaging Analysis

The multi-year experience in the field of neuroimaging research has provided the opportunity to put at the service of the customer various types of services.

  • Characterization of acquisition sequences concerning functional and structural magnetic resonance
  • Preprocessing of raw data of various medical imaging diagnostics (CT, RM)
  • Advicing and data analysis (TC, RM):
    • Neural Network.
    • Machine learning.
    • Deep learning.
    • Brain connectivity.
    • Structural connectivity.
    • Spectral DCM (Dynamical Causaling Modeling).
    • Seed Based Analysis.
    • Brain segmentation.
    • Heart segmentation.
    • Brain perfusion analysis.
    • brain and spinal tractography.  
    • Pattern Classification.
    • Multimodal fusion imaging TC and RM.
    • Indipendent Component Analysis.
    • Neurosurgery mapping analysis.
    • R2* relaxometry analysis.

Prototyping and Robot

SerVE has multiple skills and collaborations, this has led the company to launch a line of services “on demand” on advanced prototyping regarding robotics and device design for AI

Internet of Things – Agricolture

All our know-how concerning artificial intelligence is finding an outlet in intelligent monitoring in the field of agriculture, giving the opportunity to this important sector to innovate and reduce management costs in order to have an increasingly high quality product.

Hololens in telemedicine

The mixed reality combines the best of both virtual reality and augmented reality. By interfacing Hololens with medical devices, we are able to realize pioneering telemedicine projects.


Analyze Customer Data

All in our services are based on the ability that every member of our society has on the management and analysis of data which is a daily and ten-year experience of its background. Study of the phenomenon, understanding how to process data, identifying the right analysis is our task.

"Our social representation is increasingly entrusted to information scattered in a variety of databases, and to the "profiles" that are built on this basis, to the simulations they allow."

– Stefano Rodotà