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Neuroimaging Data Analysis

Prototyping & Robot

About us
The company is based on the skills acquired by the members in their training and professional post-graduate course during which, for various reasons, they have directly created and managed for a long time a complex system of archiving, displaying and processing digital images for the diagnostics in healthcare and research in the field of neuroscience and imaging.
Our “q” quality line was created to integrate professionalism and simplicity. All our products are highly customizable because they are entirely processed by us. This makes all our line available to the customer who wants to make the most of all the performance of our products.
Our services are the result of our team’s training and professional post-graduate path. All services are constantly updated with the latest methods highlighted by the international scientific scene.
Advanced Neuroimaging
Prototyping and Robot
IoT – Agricolture


Dr. Piero Chiacchiaretta, PhD


Prof. Ing. Mauro G. Perrucci, PhD

Dev Ops

Dr. Riccardo Navarra, PhD

Health & Medicine

Prof. Massimo Caulo, MD, PhD

Press review
Awards and Recognitions:
In the company’s DNA there is R & D for this reason Serve despite being a young startup has won the following prizes / awards:
Industrial PhD 2017
China-Italy 2017

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